Every Ad In Garment is Made in the USA
Ad In Tennis.com proudly offers all our customers the option of designing their very own Tennis and/or Activewear outfit ~ for free.

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Tennis Skirts

Our clients tell us that they appreciate our colorful fabrics, figure flattering styles and most importantly that they don't have to wear their tennis skirts too long or too short. A 13 inch tennis skirt doesn't work for every woman! Petite tennis skirts, plus size tennis skirts and longer tennis skirts for tall women live here. During 2015, adintennis.com will be sharing several new designs and patterns with their clients. Bright colored fabrics, pretty patterns,classic combinations will be offered to women of all sizes. Every new design we offer will be constructed with care for the small, the tall and the plus sized woman because no matter our size, we all want to play.

Tennis Tops

Whether your serving or going for that all important smash on the tennis court it's important that our tennis tops move with us, not against us! Not too tight in the mid section, the adintennis.com tennis top is a perfect fit for our petite tennis players and for our tall tennis players. Shortening or lengthening our tennis tops is a free option! Women who are plus sized aren't left out either. All of our tennis tops are offered from petite to plus size giving women many choices, not just one or two. And we don't charge extra for extra sizes.That's just wouldn't be nice!

Tennis Dresses

Our clients asked for more tennis dresses in 2014 and we delivered! We now have 8 dress designs to choose from and of course on all of them you can change the color and fabric to create your own special look. We also have our very first video - The Reversible DewDrop Dress. These dresses look great on and off the tennis courts for women of all shapes and sizes and ages too! We women are never too young or old to do our own thing!


Our clients tell us often that our tennis and activewear apparel get quite a work out. Our clothing has appeared on the dance floor, the treadmill at the gym and even the roller derby.Our tennis skirts are not just for tennis anymore! We've just been told that our pink floral ruffle tennis skirt has great movement for dance. Our free to move skirts really know how to climb and spin and our pants are great for yoga and the errand that comes usually right after it. Women of all shapes and sizes do these things and they need the clothing to do it in! We have it here at Ad In Tennis.com.

Tennis Gifts

Giving the perfect tennis gift is important to our clients. We strive to provide unique tennis gifts for the tennis enthusiast. We offer handcrafted tennis ornaments and key chains and personalized embroidered tennis towels. We also offer cosmetic bags for those tennis essentials and now pink and green Tennis Bags. If you are looking for that perfect tennis gift for your partner, friend or captain - we have you covered. Of course at our reasonable prices it's not a bad idea to add a tennis trinket for yourself! 

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